1000L/264gallon Whisky Copper Pot Stripping Stills

1000L/264gallon Whisky Copper Pot Stripping Stills

* High-quality Food grade SUS304
* 99.9% T2 COPPER materials
* CIP SYSTEM included
* Shipping door-to-door service for USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe cost extra
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1000L/264gallon Whisky Copper Pot Stills

It is of one of our Jacketed Baine Marie Pot Stills. Our Stills can be heated by Electric Contained oil bathing Heating System, by propane burner, or Low-Pressure Steam Boiler. The condenser of the still is 8”. This Still is a great choice for making Whiskey, Bourbon, Brandy, and moonshine. This 132-gallon Pot Still will produce up to 170-180 Proof with the Optional Bubble Plate column.

* Pot Still/Stripping Still Mode

* Spirit Runs Mode -- by optional bubble plate distillation columns

* Gin Still Mode -- by optional bubble plate distillation columns and gin basket stand


You can do a stripping run/Whiskey run in Pot Still Mode and then do Spirit Runs by the optional column still.

The still can be heated by electricity elements, an LPG burner, or a steam boiler.

This Still is a great choice for producing Gin, Bourbon, Whiskey, Brandy, and moonshine. Adding a 4 Plate copper bubble plate Column will give you higher proofs and smoother spirits than the standard Pot Still. 

Mirror polish on the boiler top and Satin finish on the body

Explosion-proof agitator


The system includes:

* 1000L/264gallon Copper Dome Top Boiler

* 36 rpm Speed Agitator (it can upgrade to Frequency driver agitator)

* 13.8" Clamp Down Glass Manway

* Pressure Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler

* Insulation Jacket optional

* Scotch Column

* Copper Condenser

* SUS304 Parrot


2000mm(length) x 1400mm (width) x 3180mm (height)

78.8”(length) x 55.2”(width) x 125.2” (height)

Please CONTACT US for sea shipping freight to your door.

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