Free shipping 4in copper reflux distiller

Free shipping 4in copper reflux distiller

A$1 055.00
* Free shipping worldwide
* Food-grade stainless steel
* T2 99.9% Red copper
* whisky/gin/bourbon/rum/vodka distilling
* Suitable for 50L/13gallon --200L/53gallon boiler
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Coming soon
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Suitable for 50L/13gallon --200L/53gallon boiler

Free shipping worldwide

● High quality SUS304 / COPPER materials
● 4” COPPER sight glass - 4pcs 
● 4” COPPER bubble plates inside - 4pcs
● 4" 200mm COPPER dephlegmator -1pcs
● 180degree COPPER bend - 1pcs
● 3” 450mm SUS304 condenser -1pcs
● COPPER Parrot-1pcs

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