500L Jared Alcohol Vodka Distilling Equipment

500L Jared Alcohol Vodka Distilling Equipment

A$19 520.00
A$20 188.00
* High-quality Food grade SUS304
* 99.9% T2 COPPER materials
* CIP SYSTEM included
* Gin basket included
* Shipping door-to-door service for USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe
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All our STILL DESIGNS can be made from 100L/26Gallons -- 3000L/788Gallons.

500L Jared Alcohol Vodka Distilling Equipment

It comes standard with 2copper columns, one is a copper scotch column and the other is an 8" 12 plate Copper Bubble Plate Column, and SUS304 gin/aroma basket. The Copper Scotch Column sits on the Still while the 8", 12 plate Bubble Plate Column and the gin basket are offset with their own stands. You can do a stripping run or a full-flavored Brandy with the bypass valve which allows you to bypass the 12 Plate copper bubble plate Column. 

* Pot Still/Stripping Still Mode -- Bypass the gin/aroma basket and 4plate copper bubble plate column

* Spirit Runs Mode -- Open all the 3-way valves, let the vapor bypass the gin basket, and go through the whole system

* Gin Still Mode -- Open the gin basket 3-way valves, let the vapor go through the gin basket


Any individual plate drain valve can be run open or closed to make different proofs and flavor profiles. 

You can do a stripping run/Whiskey run in Pot Still Mode and then do Spirit Runs using the 3-way valves to control the vapor path if you want. 

The still can be heated by electricity elements, an LPG burner, or a steam boiler (Click CONTACT US for different prices of heating).

This Still is a great choice for producing Gin, Bourbon, Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka, and moonshine. The 12 Plate copper bubble plate Column will give you higher proofs and smoother spirits than the standard Pot Still. 

Mirror polish on the boiler top and Satin finish on the body

Explosion-proof agitator

500L/132gallon Tiffany Still comes standard with:

* 500L/132gallon 304SS Stainless Steel Boiler

* 36 rpm Speed Agitator (it can upgrade to Frequency driver agitator)

* 13.8" Clamp Down Manway

* 4plates copper bubble plate column (It can upgrade to 8,12, 16, or 20 plates, even higher if your roof allows)

* 3.5" Sight Glass in the Manway

* Pressure Relief Valve on the Inner Boiler

* Insulation Jacket optional

* 10" Diameter Whiskey Column with 4 Bubble Plates

* 10" Diameter Tube & Shell Dephlegmator

* Spray Balls in the boiler, Column  (1 above each plate)

 and condenser

* SUS304 Parrot


2650mm(length) x 1400mm (width) x 2580mm (height)

105”(length) x 55.2”(width) x101.6” (height)

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